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Crossroads Investment Lending in Kansas City

When you’re investing in real estate, you need a full range of financial tools to make the most of your investment. If you can’t or don’t have the time to take out a long-term loan, turn to Crossroads Investment Lending for short-term lending options. Our bridge funding tides you over while you buy, rehab, and sell the properties you’re interested in.

We’re happy to work with you as your preferred real estate investment loan provider in Kansas City. Let us fund your dream real estate rehab project with our helpful, timely, reasonable loans.

Learn About Our Company

As a lender for fix and flip funding and fix and hold funding in the great Kansas City area, our company aims to help you fund your next real estate venture-now, not later.

Our founder, JD Asbell, created the company so he could fill a crucial gap in the real estate marketplace: the lack of a crossroads for real estate investors who want both professional assistance and quick, hassle-free loans.

We started out as a one-person business, but we’ve grown into a larger group with multiple offices. Thanks to our multiple locations, we can serve any client in the Greater Kansas City area, including Lawrence, Topeka, and St. Joseph.

Get the real estate investment funding in Kansas City you need to know by clicking the button below! You can also contact Crossroads Investment Lending at (913) 766-2900.


Why Choose Us?

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Local Fix & Flip Finance Experience
  • All Credit Scores Considered
  • Close in 7-10 Business Days
  • Short Term Loan for Investment Projects