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  Phone - (913) 766-2900 Email - Crossroads Investment Lending is conveniently located a mile east of I-35 on Shawnee Mission Parkway, between Antioch & Metcalf.

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Crossroads Investment Lending is your go-to source for private money lending in the Kansas City area and throughout the surrounding region. We are private money lenders that make the process of investing in real estate simple by providing the financial assistance you need to get started. With a variety of financial tools and clear, concise short-term lending options, you’ll have a trusted partner in your investment journey. If you're planning to buy, flip, and resell real estate property, our trusted, knowledgeable specialists will help you fund your real estate rehab project. Learn more about our streamlined loan process and maximize your investments today.

Our Range of Lending Options

We can make your real estate investments easier and help you gain more profit. Our reliable short-term lending solutions include a range of options, and our financing experts will walk you through every step of the process. When you partner with Crossroads Investment Lending, you’ll have access to many types of loan programs that will get you started in the world of real estate investments and help you turn a profit fast.

Fix and Flip Funding

Your house flipping investments have the potential for massive profits, and we can help. Our fix and flip loans cover the purchase price and the necessary renovations for residential properties. This home loan process uses the property itself as collateral and allows the investor to make the purchase at a discounted price, renovate the property to conventional standards, and sell it for a profit.

Bridge Loans

Our bridge loan is a useful, temporary, short-term lending option that can be used to bridge the financial gaps between closings. This popular loan is set in motion to finance a property until permanent financing is obtained or until the property is sold, allowing you to borrow from a property you already own to help fund a new real estate investment. This is a convenient and effective way to invest in a new property before putting an existing property on the market, as well as selling a property even if it takes the buyer longer to close.

Hard Money Loans

You can utilize this lending option as a means to secure more funding by using your existing property as collateral. This type of loan is useful for someone who doesn’t have the necessary credit score to qualify for a conventional loan because it is asset-based. A hard money loan is concerned more about the value of the property rather than experience or financial qualifications.

Transactional Funding

Transactional funding is another short-term lending program designed for the purchase of a property without using your own money. As long as a buyer is guaranteed, we can assist by providing capital for an upfront purchase. This means you can forego the lengthier mandates of a traditional bank, obtain the funds necessary to make an initial purchase, and turn a fast profit all in the same day.

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Our investor lending team members are experts in the industry, providing so many opportunities for real estate investors. Our simple, hassle-free approach to investment lending will help you navigate your next real estate venture. With a proven rehab success of nearly 1,000 properties in the local area, Crossroads Investment Lending is your number one resource for clear and concise lending solutions. Our exceptional solutions to investor rehab lending have never been more accessible. Reach out to our friendly and professional investment agents today.

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  • Short Term Loan for Investment Projects