Conquering the Home Loan Process in Kansas City

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Home Loan Process in Kansas City

Deciding to invest in real estate can be an excellent decision, albeit a risky one. To help ensure your continued success in the real estate industry, you need an array of financial tools to make the most of your investment. When you need a little extra help, Crossroads Investment Lending is here to offer support. We specialize in short-term lending options for those who are looking to buy, flip, and resell the property. Our team in Kansas City has the knowledge and specialization to help you through the home loan process, making sure to check all the boxes and jump through the hoops for you. Let us fund your dream real estate rehab project or your next house flip.

Offering Services Throughout the Loan Process 

Crossroads Investment Lending has the expertise to help you with funding your real estate rehab endeavor, as well as filing draw request forms. We’ll take you through each step of closing funding deals. Most deals are closed within 10 business days! If you need help processing a draw, we can help there as well. Whether or not you need funding from investors to finish your fix and flip project, our team is ready to explain the whole process.

1.  Getting Started with a Credit Application

The loan process consists of four distinct steps. Luckily, Crossroads Investment Lending can help you through each of them. You’ll need to fill out forms and gather documentation at each phase, and we’ll assist you with sorting through and filing the appropriate information. We’ll start with the credit application, and you’ll fill out our comprehensive form. Before you can submit, we’ll need to collect tax returns and personal financial statements from recent years.

2. Continue the Process with a Property Assessment

Once you’ve been pre-approved for a line of credit, it’s time to move on to the property assessment. First, you’ll need to submit a loan request, including both the scope of the rehab project and the budget you expect to work within. After submitting the proper documentation, you’ll sit down with our team to discuss your request and some of the details. We’ll make sure you understand the basics of the property assessment and your next steps.

3. Finalizing Your Loan

If all goes well as we analyze your submitted documentation, we’ll work toward finalizing your loan. Our team will get in touch with you to confirm the final amount on your investment and send you a written term sheet. Upon your approval, we’ll close the loan and the title company of your choice. Be sure to ask our staff your questions as they arise throughout the process.

4. What to Do at Completion of the Project

Once you’ve wrapped up your rehab project, you can draw funds as your project gains value. Simply fill out the draw request form, and we’ll discuss your prospects. As always, the team at Crossroads Investment Lending is here to guide you through the home loan draw? process. Our experts are trained to handle common cases, as well as unique circumstances.

Stepping Ahead of the Competition

At Crossroads Investment Lending, we aim to soar above the competition when it comes to the home loan process. We’re locally-owned and operated, a fact in which we take a great deal of pride. We invest inexperienced team members dedicated to providing the best service to our clients throughout Kansas City and beyond. If you need fast financing for home loans and fix-and-flip fundings, we’re your best bet. We lend our own capital, and everything is done in-house, which maximizes efficiency and reliability. When you choose Crossroads Investment Lending, you can relax knowing your loan is being treated with the attention to detail and personalized approach it needs.

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The team at Crossroads Investment Lending is made up of experts in an array of loan programs. No matter your needs, we can help you fund your next real estate investment. Beyond a simple loan, we believe in forming meaningful and lasting relationships within the Kansas City community. Our team is always happy to address your questions when it comes to the home loan process or another one of our areas of expertise. Reach out to our friendly and professional agents today!

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